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Business owners, our app is an amazing marketing platform that empowers you to create personal invitations to consumers in the immediate area of your business.  Stay connected to local residents and travelers on vacation looking for some place to spend their money. No need to wait for the newspaper to print your ad and then wonder if people saw it. We can tell you how many people see your ad and click thru for more information BUT what is really awesome is we can tell you how many people walk into your business from your ads each month.

As a Schwag vendor you can provide exclusive offers and specials directly to users of the app. You can publish an ad on your phone from anywhere in America. Or, sit down at your PC and schedule ads a month or two in advance. Schwagapp LLC is a visionary leader in the way business owners connect with consumers.

Schwag gives you the control over your advertising! Publish and ad for two hours, two days or a month. Use it to compliment the other forms of media you are currently using.


PRO TIP: When people are deciding where to spend their $$$ they are looking at their smartphone(165 times per day) Be there with us, we saved a place for you . Scroll below to check out the various categories you’ll find on Schwag.

Business owners & consumers get your Schwag On!

Small business: Happy owner of a café showing open sign

Business owners we provide you with powerful analytics: our Impressions and Click Thru Rate are awesome and our conversion rate is remarkable!

Consumers we want you to feel like a local. Schwag vendors provide you with real time invitations to things going, great opportunities and deals. Schwag keeps you in the moment!

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Food & Beverage

Restaurants, Bars, Coffee, Food Trucks.


Clothing, Shoes, Accessories.


Salons, Carwash, Gyms, Banks.


Sporting Goods, Hardware Stores, Consumer Goods.


Tours, Museums, Aquariums, Concerts, Theater.


Schwag believes in offering an enriching experience for all users. For our vendors, this means providing the opportunity to connect with consumers on a specialized level and at your own pace. For consumers, this means finding highly-rated local hang outs — whether you’re at home or traveling — that will offer a unique, quality experience.

Schwag insight #12: The last place consumers look when deciding where to spend $$$ is their smartphone. We have a spot for you! sign up with us today.


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