Skip passed reading useless reviews – you’re on vacation, there are much better things to do.

Instead, grab our app for a streamlined experience that gets you out the door and making memories. Schwag partners with hotels to guide guests on enjoying local favorites, from drinks and dining to local events and entertainment options. Our local team carefully reviews and selects all the businesses in the app, so you’ll be sure to have a positive visit.

Whether you’re looking for a local concert, the best place to eat, most impressive wine list or anything else – Schwag dishes the best kept secrets of each town you visit.

What are you waiting for?

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For Hotels

Are you a hotel owner interested in bringing this unique traveling experience to your guests? Our app makes it easy for staff to share information with travelers so they can easily plan a memorable trip while tucked into the comfort of your hotel. With that kind of experience, they’re sure to come back.

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For Businesses

Are you a local business interested in connecting with travelers during their stay in our town? Our app makes it easy for guests to search for the best local business to check out during their stay, making sure your business is included on their itinerary. Don’t miss out on this easy chance to connect!
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I just love this app. It has a lot of my favorite restaurants not to mention places that I have never heard of or been to before, adding value to my experience. I love that it lists great happy hour and lunch specials for me to go out and try. Thanks Schwag, you rock!
Every hotel should implement this app for its surrounding area. GREAT APP!