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Learn more about our powerful local advertising tool.

Vendors looking to advertise to people no more than 5 miles from their location, and people who want to know what’s going on around them.

It’s up to the vendors to decide, the can last anywhere from 1 to 16 hours.

Notifications regarding vendor deals are sent between 6 a.m. and 10 p.m.
No, you don’t purchase anything on Schwag, just show up at the business and claim what they are offering. The businesses are responsible for the accuracy and terms of their offers.
Businesses are selected through a proprietary selection process. You must meet our minimum requirements in order to be added into the Schwag system as a Vendor. If you want your business to be added, sign up in the Schwag app.


It takes the ad and adds it to your My Schwag or Active Schwag list in your Menu.

This could be happening because your location services are off, your operating system is out of date, the Schwag app needs to be updated or you’re not in range of any offers.


Once you sign up you need to begin promoting Schwag to your customers in all your social media and even in your print media. An analogy would be if a bar owner bought a new Juke box they would tell everyone everywhere that they have a Juke box and to come on in. We are your new app, let everyone know.


No. You do not have to offer deals but please do not offer boring ads that are already running elsewhere. Schwag is not a passive advertising platform. For the best in analytics and revenue generation you need to keep your ads fresh and have GREAT pictures! Even if you run the same ad for a month or two, change up the photos every week to keep it fresh.  PRO TIP: 1. Put Schwag on your point of sale system 2. Create a few special offerings that a consumer would only find on Schwag and keep changing them. Don’t be boring or lazy be bold be a schwagger!


Schwagapp is unique in that it is the go to app for people wanting to do something and spend money. The other forms of social media are GREAT. Problem is you may have 4,000 or more followers but they can be anywhere in the country or world for that matter. There may be only a couple hundred near your actual business location. The people on Schwagapp are near your business and wanting to do something. Schwag provides hyper local opportunities on demand directly from the business owner in real time, no third party website between you and your customers.


Yes we do. We can tell you how many impressions/views you get each month. Our click thru rate is currently 8.5% with a conversion rate of 19.4%. And with some of our proprietary technology we can tell how many Schwag app users actually walk in your door each month without you having to do anything.

Yes. We will consult and help in any we can to make sure you are benefiting from our app.

No. We believe in what we are doing and that you will enjoy the power of our app in a short period of time. We are month to month.

BUT– you have to do a few things to make sure you see success and it will take a few months to get up to speed 1. You must tell your entire SOI “sphere of influence” that they need to download Schwag to see the great things you are offering. 2. Constantly promote the Schwag app on your other forms of social media 3. If you do print media put the Schwag logo there and tell people to find you on the Schwag app for up to the minute deals and things going on. THERE is more to do but this should give you and idea where to start. This is not passive you have to be active– practice AB testing of your ads– Be creative and bold. We are not about just posting a special and letting people know your business hours, there are plenty of apps out there that can do that.

You BET! The flexibility of this platform is awesome. Just post a great picture and give it a title that will intrigue. Write a description that will make people want to take part and publish it for the time period you desire. That’s it. Schwaggers love screaming deals!

Schwag offers two advertising options: Schwag® Basic and Schwag Ad Assist:

Schwag Basic entitles Vendors to create and publish almost unlimited number of ads. per month. There are no contracts; use is a month to month fee.

Schwag Ad Assist, Schwag will create, calendar and publish seven (7) unique monthly ads. in addition Vendors can create and publish spontaneous flash sales. Ad assist vendors will receive enhanced metrics. There are no contracts; use is a month to month fee.

$199/Month – Ad Assist:
* Upon approval, Schwag creates, publishes & calendars ads (7 unique ads calendared )
* Vendor can also post Flash sales
*Top promotional Ads will be featured on Schwag Facebook, Instagram and Twitter
*Create social media promotion program
* Beacon Provide
*Enhanced Beacon data provided

$99 Basic Schwag
*Vendor creates, publishes & calendars ads (no more than 3 ads running simultaneously)
*Top promotional Ads will be featured on our Facebook, Instagram and Twitter
*Contest Opportunity
*Beacon provided
*limited Beacon data provided