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Hotel guest looking to explore the city they are staying in. Businesses use it to expand their business market to the millions of tourist yearly.

This could be happening because your location services are off, your operating system is out of date, the Schwag app needs to be updated or you’re not in range of any offers.


No. You do not have to offer deals but please do not offer boring ads that are already running elsewhere. Schwag is not a passive advertising platform. For the best in analytics and revenue generation you need to keep your ads fresh and have GREAT pictures! Even if you run the same ad for a month or two, change up the photos every week to keep it fresh.  PRO TIP: 1. Put Schwag on your point of sale system 2. Create a few special offerings that a consumer would only find on Schwag and keep changing them. Don’t be boring or lazy be bold be a schwagger!


People are always on their phones and that’s why Schwag is perfect. The tourists use their phones to find what shopping, eating and adventure they can do while they are in town.


Yes, we can tell you how many impressions/views you get each month. Our click thru rate is currently 8.5% with a conversion rate of 32.4%. And with some of our proprietary technology we can tell how many Schwag app users actually walk in your door each month without you having to do anything.

Yes. We will consult and help in any we can to make sure you are benefiting from our app.

No. But we do require a quarterly commitment and if you sign up for a year you get 20% off.


We request that vendors pay a $1,500 fee quarterly to use our service. If a vendor is unable to do that we do have a $500 a month fee.

Businesses are selected through a proprietary selection process. You must meet requirements in order to be added into the Schwag system as a Vendor. If you want your business to be added, you will need to contact us to be placed on your city’s waiting list as we only hold 40 exclusive spots for businesses to advertise per city.
Each vendor is allowed 3 ads to run a day. All ads cannot be simultaneously running.