Let’s take a minute and talk about this craze that is taking the nation by storm. Growing up in the 90’s when the Pokémon craze was played with cards and seen on Saturday morning or after school cartoons was the extent that I though of Pokémon, I never expected to hear the phrases from people around me how ecstatic they were that they caught a Pikachu.

Now I am not here to hate on the game, because I appreciate that is has gotten people off their couches from playing the other hit craze phone games, but it is a tad ridiculous the amount of people that are playing it. You can see a young child playing the game and turn around and see a 30-year-old playing the game — yet have the same excitement in their eyes that they caught the Pokémon they have been looking for.

I have not caved in and tried out the game for myself, but have been around while my boyfriend, his friends, and friends of my own have “Had to” walk over to specific areas where they could obtain more poke balls. Walking around neighborhoods, parking lots, parks, and even bars that were host to these creatures, their poke balls and even gyms where you could battle other players.

It all seems a little funny to me and an interesting way to spend ones time but if its making people happy and creating this mutual bond, then I guess all I have to say is Gotta Catch ‘em All!