Enhance your guests experience with Schwag.

With the Millennial generation coming into its own, your hotel needs to be more than just a place to sleep – make it a destination. Enhancing your guests’ stay ensures travelers will trust your business when they return to our destination. The Schwag app creates a seamless way for hotels to connect with guests while also reducing your staff’s workload. That sounds like a win-win!


How does Schwag save my hotel time?

Our app answers all the recurring questions your concierge spends countless hours reiterating with guest after guest. Travelers can simply download our app and easily plan a memorable trip while tucked into the comfort of their room at your hotel.

How does Schwag create an enhanced traveling experience?

We work with our partner hotels on custom keycards and inserts that explain our app and promote the local businesses they’ll find on Schwag. We also work with you to bring in select vendors from Schwag to setup experiential showcases – a great way for travelers to sample local offerings. Your partnership with Schwag truly creates a rounded experience when planning their vacation.

What else do I get?

As a hotel partner with Schwag, we’ll also include your restaurant among the other top places to dine locally – an extra boost to your business without any cost. Keycards encourage visitors to find your restaurant for an extra guest benefit – such as a free food item with a minimum purchase, money off the entire bill or room service credit. The incentive is up to you.

How does it work?

We need to start with a conversation to learn more about your hotel and see whether we can fit together to help guests experience the best in their destination. Please contact us directly to set up a time to connect.

“Schwag adds value to our guests’ stay since they recommend quality dining options and things to do in Long Beach”.
Art Rosales, Director of Sales & Marketing, Long Beach Marriott